Novotek Manpower

NOVOTEK manpower is a licensed Agency for Employment in Serbia and the European Union. It is listed in the website of the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Republic of Serbia.

As part of employment services, connecting supply and demand on the labor market, our agency cooperates with renowned companies in the SERBIA and EUROPEAN UNION. We have partners in various industries such as education, medicine, transport, tourism and catering. Our business and employment of workers in our partner companies is completely legal and in compliance with all applicable legal acts.

All potential candidates can always get a job offer or employment.

Employment services are free.

We insist on candidates who are confident in themselves (they know how to do the job for which they signed an employment contract).

All candidates are provided with everything according to the LABOR LAW IN THE COUNTRY WHERE THEY ARE SENT TO WORK (work permit, residence permit, employment contract, related contributions for health and pension insurance, transportation, accommodation, medical examination, necessary equipment for safe work… ).

PIB 112672587

Registration number 21717100

The work permit number from the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Social Affairs and Veterans Affairs is 022-03-00118 / 2018-24-1.